Lifebrick Therm® – lightweight ventilated facade

Lifebrick® Therm facade cladding

Lifebrick Therm facade bricks can be used for the insulation of all building structures. The facade is then ventilated across its surface (open for diffusion) thanks to the permeability of the materials used.

Lifebrick Therm facade bricks are made of vibro-pressed perlite concrete and come in several colours.

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Colour versions - Lifebrick Therm facade

Lifebrick Therm – healthy and lightweight building insulation

Lifebrick® Therm brick is a thermal insulating facade brick based on hydrophobized perlite, which does not bind water and acts as a thermal insulator.  It weighs 0.65 kg and its thermal conductivity is 0.09 W/mK. In other words, it can replace up to 4 cm of thermal insulation.

As Lifebrick® Therm facade bricks have low diffusion resistance, they are mostly used for the construction of thermally insulated diffusion facades.

Lifebrick® – self-supporting and self-locking protected brick design

The shape of Lifebrick® facade bricks was designed based on years of experience with facade cladding to meet the building regulations and functional requirements for facade structures. Lifebrick® bricks are provided with two-point locks and form a self-supporting and self-locking structure, which distinguishes them from suspended facade systems.

Structurally, the facade cladding made of Lifebrick® bricks is highly consistent and stable. Not even a single brick can get loose and fall out of the facade. The unique shape is protected throughout the European Union. Lifebrick® facade bricks are purely a Czech product.

Moisture removal from the facade

Moisture from inside the building is naturally removed from the wall through possible thermal insulation (also with low diffusion resistance – e.g. mineral wool) and Lifebrick® Therm brick. Thus, masonry is ventilated across its entire surface. The air gap between Lifebrick® Therm facade brick and the thermal insulation is passive, closed and works as an additional thermal insulator.

Thermal insulation of a required thickness can be applied beneath the Lifebrick® Therm facade. It should be borne in mind that insulation is not only about the insulation thickness, but also about keeping the perimeter walls dry. Only dry structural elements can ensure proper insulation and heat accumulation.



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