Benefits of Lifebrick® facade system

Why Lifebrick® ventilated facade?

Simply because a facade is not made for a few years.
A facade tailored for your house with comprehensive services

Compared with other types of insulation, Lifebrick facade bricks are more advantageous, not only for their characteristics such as colour stability and fire resistance, but also for much longer lifetime, which is essential in the selection of the facade.

  • Consulting and measurements are free of charge.
  • Artist’s rendering of a new ventilated facade
  • Design and calculations
  • Clear itemized budgets
  • Czech product with the guaranteed lifetime of 50+ years
  • Material transport and installation
  • doprava, montáž a demontáž lešení
  • Facade installation funding
  • Removal of rubble and ecological disposal of hazardous materials

Interesting facts about Lifebrick

In numbers
50+ years of lifetime
Small and large scale facades
99% of the material in stock

Comparison of utility properties of various types of insulation

A table presenting the utility properties of various types of insulation
Lifebrick with breathable thermal insulation Polystyrene & screed Wool & screed
Lifetime 50+ years of lifetime 10-15 years 10-15 years
Thermal insulation YES
Coating thickness 65 mm 1 - 10 mm 1 - 10 mm
Colourfastness YES NO
Environmentally friendly material YES NO Partial
Požární odolnost YES NO Partial
Washability YES NO NO
Mould resistance YES NO NO
Resistance to cracking YES NO NO

The bid and measurements are free of charge.

Our team of experienced professionals will prepare a calculation according to your needs.

Why is Lifebrick the best solution for facades?

Think about it. Are these important criteria fulfilled by a facade other than Lifebrick? No!


Lifebrick is a quality, affordable and functional product.



Lifebrick provides insulation while preventing the formation of mould. It breathes.



Decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients.



The installation can be performed all year round regardless of the weather.



We guarantee the lowest price on the market. Please contact us.



Bid, design, subsidies, targeting, implementation, final approval.



Ideal solution for the insulation of buildings. Effective weight-utility ratio.



With a Lifebrick ventilated facade the building breathes, thereby maintaining a healthy indoor climate.

Our customers’ experience

Customer references are highly valuable feedback.

The result of insulation is very satisfactory according to private assessments. The design is so exclusive that it is appreciated by the whole neighbourhood. Only praise. The company really has top employees. Project price and deadlines were met. No defects; I would choose the same in the future.

testimonail Vladimír Kvaš, člen SVJD

We are very satisfied with the work as well as with the approach of your installers. We will gladly recommend your company and the work without any objections.

testimonail Manželé Hollasovi, Těchlovice

We are very satisfied with project implementation. The price and deadlines were met by the contractor and communication was smooth. The installation company fulfilled all our requests willingly and correctly. The overall installation is very attractive and free of defects. I can recommend both the supplier and the installation company.

testimonail Petr Šváb, Praha – Libuš

Hello, we would like to thank you for the quality work performed quickly with the use of Lifebrick cladding on our cottage in Kostelní Hlavno. All the staff who worked on the contract also deserve our thanks.

testimonail Manželé Bláhovi, Kostelní Hlavno

I am very satisfied with Lifebrick material, with the installation performed as well as with the approach of the company.

testimonail Leoš Řehůřek Bystřice nad Pernštejnem

Hello, let me thank you again for the installation of the cladding on my house in Boží Dar with your Lifebrick system. The facade got a brand new look and is appreciated by many people who asked me for your contact details. I am very satisfied and I was pleasantly surprised by the professional approach of your staff. Thank you very much once again.

testimonail Miroslav Daško, Boží Dar

I would like to thank you for the quality and quick installation of Lifebrick cladding conducted by the team led by Libor Staňo in October 2012 at our house in Hlinice near Tábor. The approach of both the installers and supplier was pleasant and professional. The work was handed over ahead of the deadline and without defects. Based on my experience, I can only praise and recommend this company.

testimonail Jana Wildová, Hlinice u Tábora

Let me thank you for your very professional advice on the selection, quantity and installation of Lifebrick facade insulation. Even though our order was not very large, our family was pleasantly surprised by your approach and so we decided for this product. The installation of the insulation bricks followed the available installation process and corresponded with expert explanation. Please find attached a photo of the already finished wall, which we have transformed with your Lifebrick system into a beautiful surface that is the envy of the neighbourhood.

testimonail Michal Rechtberger, Mladá Boleslav

Dear Sirs, I would like to thank you again for the great work performed by your employees. I am very satisfied with your highly dedicated and professional performance. I have never experienced such enthusiasm and approach to work. Thank you very much once again.

testimonail Jan Vaca, Kožušany

My experience with the project implementation and cooperation with your company and its employees was very positive. Minor shortcomings were addressed during the course of work, and so no serious problems occurred. There are no defects after the completion of the work.

testimonail Za společenství vlastníků Jindřich Králík, Břeclav

Thank you very much for your cooperation. I was completely satisfied with your company and surprised by your helpful and professional approach. I appreciate your quality and timely delivery of the preliminary bid and after signing the contract. His professional approach saved me a lot of money because he told me what shall be done and how to have the work done best for me. In addition, I want to praise the approach of the workers, whose quality of work is very high.

testimonail Karel Skoupý, Kvasiny

Although the deadline for job completion was not met, the overall aesthetic effect exceeded our expectations. The team of installers was helpful and open to changes and proactively addressed our requirements. Lifebrick demonstrated an exemplary customer approach and we can only recommend it to undecided builders.

testimonail Manželé Nekvindovi, Polička

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The bid and measurements are free of charge.

Our team of experienced professionals will prepare a calculation according to your needs.